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FIT For Recordkeepers

What We Know About the Market Today

  • Employees desire personal financial coaching as they improve their financial habits
  • As an employee’s career evolves, so do their financial priorities
  • Calculating credible, tangible rate of investment on financial wellness and retirement plans is challenging
  • There is an increased fiduciary risk for employers
  • Investment solutions are often biased and proprietary
  • Financial wellness programs that rely solely on technology typically are not as successful as those that don’t

Financial FITness For Life’s Philosophies

The Financial FITness for Life (FFFL) program was designed to provide a scalable and measurable method to positively affect participant outcomes.

Customized delivery methods will help to overcome your clients’ unique challenges.

While plan design can improve metrics, it does not improve engagement, nor does it impact overall financial wellness.

Financial FITness For Life’s Partnership Solutions

Customized &
Education Plan

Team of

In-Person &

Real-Time Data
Tracking &




Services Available Through Fiduciary Investment Trust (FIT)

Financial FITness Consultant Team

Each retirement plan is assigned a lead Financial FITness consultant who works with the lead advisor to design a customized education program. The advisor can control this process, or simply introduce the FITness team to handle all matters. The plan will be customized and will be a blend of on-site and online education services.

Financial FITness for Life Program

This service blends education, plan design reporting, real-time education meeting metrics and comprehensive FIT Plan Health reporting. All of these services are included in the pricing of the FITs. The lead Financial FITness Consultant works with the lead advisor on the plan to coordinate all aspects of this service. You can track results on a consistent basis. There are two types of engagement for this program:


•Web-based education

•Link-based implementation

•Consistently planned and delivered on a set schedule


•Onsite and web-based education

•Full-time dedicated FITness consultant team for appropriate clients

•Personalized participant interactions, driving better results and engaging participants

•Improved on-track and Plan Health rates

Financial FITness for Life: Financial Concierge Service

This service is available at no cost, providing general financial, investment, and retirement information on an employee level. The education is customized to include any voluntary benefits unique to your platform.

Benefits of the FIT Record Keeper Approach

Recordkeepers who partner with Fiduciary Investment Trust enjoy a comprehensive retirement plan solution that assures them that their clients are receiving quality education services that are not easily duplicated. This allows you to create an un-leveled playing field and focus on your next strategy of staying two steps ahead of your competition.

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