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A Comprehensive “Do-It-For-Me” Solution to Help Plan Sponsors, Advisors and Recordkeepers Drive Results for Participants

Our core belief is that left to their own devices, it is challenging for retirement plan participants to reach retirement successfully. With participants’ best interests in mind, we provide an education curriculum to address audiences at all levels, from beginner to advanced:

Financial Fitness for Life Program

A blend of in-person and web-based education, and a video  coaching program, teaching participants the enduring financial concepts such as understanding Risk and Diversification necessary for all stages of life, with one simple goal; to become financially fit for life.

Investment University

A more technical curriculum focused on specific investments, investment concepts and various other topics like passive investing vs active investing, asset allocation and an introduction to Modern Portfolio Theory. These topics will help participants who chose to manage their own money, or help them integrate their retirement plan allocations with other investments they may hold. This curriculum is available to be delivered in an on-site setting, or through our video coaching series.

Technical Investor Program

For the experienced investor, this “Master’s” Curriculum focused on advanced and technical strategies such as Covered Calls Strategies, Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Programs, Non-Traditional Asset Class Investing, Sector Rotation Strategies, and various others*. This will be delivered in on-site smaller groups or through our video coaching program.  

Education Programs are available through in-person and customized sessions, online, and on-demand through a customized interface.

FIT education allows our highly experienced team to share knowledge, expertise, and insights directly with you. We welcome you to reach out with  your questions regarding the education modules available through FIT University.


  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Commentaries
  • Podcasts


*These advanced concepts may not be applicable to retirement plan assets.

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