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Why is our program effective?

A 2017 study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, “Employee Financial Wellness Survey,” clearly identified that employees desire one-on-one financial coaching to educate them through tough decisions as they improve their financial habits. Technology and auto feature-based programs are not personalized enough to sustain engagement and motivate employees to improve their financial well-being. Personalized guidance is critical to behavioral change: employees experience improvements, stay motivated and feel supported.

What are the goals of a financial wellness program?​

For Individuals
Reduced stress
Increased personal happiness
Increased productivity
Focus on lifetime goals

Enhanced corporate culture
Increased workforce productivity
Improved financial performance
Improved employee retention

For Advisors
Fiduciary risk reduction
Enhanced education services
More time to build your business
Unbiased investment selections

For Recordkeepers
Improved financial performance
Independent investment selection
Provides 3(38) protection
Access to data tracking and analytics

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