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FIT For Employees

How can you reduce stress and gain more enjoyment from your professional and personal lives?

According to American Psychology Association’s studies, we all have limited cognitive spaces and bandwidth. Meaning, when we focus too heavily on one thing, there is less bandwidth to focus on other things.  According to recent research*, this preoccupation serves as a burden that is carried from personal life into the workplace.

With growing evidence that personal finances serve more than the traditional compensation motivator for employees, we believe employers are well-served to address the financial wellness of their employees. Fiduciary Investment Trusts, LLC was developed to address this challenge through the mechanisms that already exist for most employees, your employer-sponsored retirement plans.

Fiduciary Investment Trust’s Financial FITness Consultants’ goals are to help employees gain a better foothold on personal finances which can provide wide-ranging benefits from increased job satisfaction and improved professional performance and lead to an enriched work-life balance.


*Source: The High Cost of Low Wages: Economic Scarcity Effects in Organizations

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