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2022 Kansas SHRM Conference

Manhattan Conference Center 410 S 3rd Street, Manhattan, KS

Join us at the 2022 Kansas SHRM HR Conference on September 14th - 16th! Stop by our booth to learn more about our award-winning financial wellness solution.

The Art of Withdrawals: Managing Your Income

You’ve been saving for decades and now it’s time to retire. That means no more regular paychecks and more than likely you will be looking to some of your investments for income. There’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to how and when you make these withdrawals. It’s crucial that you find […]

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Paris Las Vegas

Join us at the [email protected] Conference on October 16th - 18th ! Stop by our booth to learn more about our award-winning financial wellness solution. On Tuesday at 2:25 - 2:55 PM, Christian Mango will be presenting on How to Sell Financial Wellness. Create more meaningful dialogue with your clients, drive better outcomes, and remain […]

The HRSouthwest Conference

Forth Worth Convention Center 1201 Houston Street, Forth Worth, Texas

Join us at the 2022 HRSouthwest Conference on October 16th - 19th! Stop by booth #84 to learn more about our award-winning financial wellness solution.

National Financial Planning Month: Expert Insights

Having short-term and long-term financial goals is a big step in helping you feel more in control and confident about how you are spending and saving money. How you achieve […]

Optimize Your Benefits at Work

Taking advantage of the benefits provided by your employer can help you boost your wealth, improve your physical and emotional health, and increase your satisfaction with your job. But it's […]

Year-End Financial Fitness Bootcamp & Market Update

As 2022 comes to a close, you may reflect on your experiences and what you have learned throughout this past year. In this month's FIT4Learning webinar, Managing Director Kyle Bingham […]

New Plans for the New Year: Attacking Employees’ Top 5 Financial Concerns

2022 presented significant financial challenges. With runaway inflation, everything costs more. With poorly performing stock and bond markets, retirement account balances are down. Join us for a discussion of employees' most common financial concerns and an exploration of how to overcome those concerns in 2023. This 30-minute webinar is for you if you have questions about: […]

Did I Budget for This? Building a Budget to Survive Inflation

We faced record inflation in 2022. With everything costing more, this is the perfect time to re-evaluate your approach for budgeting. However, we also know that the process for building a budget is different for everyone. Join us for a 30-minute webinar that will: Discuss the psychological benefits to budgeting Offer you a menu of […]

Pre-Tax? After-Tax? Roth? Understanding the Different Ways to Save

We know it's important to save. The decision to save should be the easy part. The more complicated part is understanding the difference between the ways to save. In less than 30 minutes, this webinar will help you to: Better understand the "pre-tax", "after-tax", and Roth terminology Identify where you currently have pre-tax and after-tax "buckets" Navigate […]

What Questions Should You Be Asking a Financial Advisor?

What questions should you be asking? Although the answers may be very different for each person, our Financial Concierge team can help you to identify the important questions that should start the conversation. Your financial situation is inherently personal. It is a reflection of your personal finances, as well as the many things that bounce […]

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