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Welcome to our educational resources page! Below you will find our latest resources, policies, and procedures. 


News on the Street

In regards to COVID, as a financial coach, I am often asked “Paula, what’s the news on the street? What are the concerns that you hear, and as a financial professional, how can I help?” As with past pandemics, we have high confidence that science will prevail. Until...

Asking the Right Questions

At Financial Fitness for Life, we work across the board with a broad spectrum of clients from many different industries. One of the main points of concern that all employees relay to us is that they do not feel adequately prepared for retirement. The ongoing situation...

Compounding and Exponential Growth

The year 2020 has been an interesting one. What started off business as usual took a turn for the unexpected beginning in March. COVID-19 began with a few cases here, there, then it grew exponentially into a full-scale pandemic. How many people could have predicted...

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