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This is a truly unprecedented time in history. There is no need to supply you with data or statistics that you hear all day, every day on the news channel of your choice.

When this story is over, I’m more confident than ever that you will be incredibly pleased that you have a relationship with our firm. I know that your advisor has been a trusted voice to each of you and that our company has provided you with timely and relevant counsel.

Our experience provides us with clarity in times like this. First and foremost, people are concerned about their families, friends and coworkers – they want safety and health for loved ones. Next, people want to have optimism for their future.  They want to feel a sense of security that creates peace in their hearts. Beyond that, it’s really hard to predict. In times like this, everyone experiences feelings, thoughts and concerns that are unique to them.

Knowing that each person reading this has individual emotions, we know that you cherish TRUST. Trust that we have your interest above anything else. Trust that we care about “you” and “your business.” Trust that we are really good at what we do. Trust that we are “on our game” at this time. We honor and respect your trust and will never take it for granted.

While none of you live inside our four walls, these are just a few of the actions we have taken to continue earning trust:

  • Our Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) is talking daily and meeting weekly to assure that we are effectively managing our clients’ investments.
  • Our research and investment teams are working continuously to assure that we have the best, and most up-to-the-minute information to make decisions.
  • Our disaster recovery plans have allowed us to operate seamlessly.
  • Our client communications have increased to assure that you are well informed.
  • We have delivered more virtual education sessions for our clients than in prior history of our company.

With this said, the ultimate trust you have in our firm rests with your trust for your advisor. We are confident that you are well served in this regard.

We wish everyone good health and peace of mind during these challenging times.



Glenn Spencer

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