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Keeping Employees Financially Fit

Financial Fitness for Life partners with Questis to combine in-person coaching with technology to deliver a comprehensive financial wellness solution to the market

Financial Fitness for Life consultants will now use the Financial Fitness platform powered by Questis to conduct financial education programs and to track employee success in those programs.

By utilizing the technology powered by Questis, the firm’s financial consultants can conduct in-person financial coaching, but will allow them to better understand the demographics of the employee base, customize an educational approach that makes sense for an organization, provide on-going, actionable employee engagement, track employee success, and aggregate data to allow an organization to better understand how best to allocate their benefits dollars.

The right technology allows you to see a holistic view of a person’s true financial situation. Technology allows you to automate processes, simplify workloads, and reach more people, while also leaving space for the parts that require more human attention. Participants who meet with a financial consultant are ultimately more likely to establish longer-term goals, calculate their retirement needs, establish retirement accounts and emergency funds, display appropriate investment responses to recessions and market downturns, and have greater retirement confidence.

Even in strong economic times, employees are admitting feeling stressed about their overall finances. And that financial stress can result in a lack of productivity, a low-quality work product and high employee turnover. Reducing financial stress allows participants to be healthier, more engaged, more productive, minimizes healthcare costs and can improve an organization’s bottom line.

“Employees actually give their employers one solution to this problem when they request a financial wellness benefit with access to unbiased counselors,” said Robert J. Cruz, executive vice president and managing director, Financial Fitness for Life. “We hear that request all of the time and that is just what this new technology allows us to do on a very personalized scale.”

A leader in active employee financial education, Financial Fitness for Life knows five principles make the biggest difference between success and failure in employee financial education.

  • Avoid repetitive and static education. Financial wellness should be tailored to fit each participant’s circumstances.
  • Financial wellness needs to be goal-oriented or followed by an actionable plan with an end goal so that the participants retain knowledge.
  • Make financial wellness information uncomplicated and resources easily accessible.
  • Motivate employees; incentives, confidence boosters, and continually supporting their goals are key to them achieving financial independence.
  • Make financial wellness improvements an every day habit.

“It’s so important for people to feel confident in their understanding of their personal financial situation,” said Steve Wilborne, Questis CEO. “Our technology paired with a hands-on, human approach provided by Financial Fitness for Life makes this possible and really, this is the first step toward financial wellbeing. Further, it’s important for employers to realize that their workforces have financial issues. No employee population is void of this problem. Employees are not only looking to their employer for help, these issues are costing employers more money than they realize.”

Financial Fitness for Life solves for the key obstacle employers face in providing the robust participant education and financial wellness solutions their employees desperately need through a unique and customized pricing model, eliminating the traditional hard dollar model. To utilize this service, it is as simple as adding a set of funds to the plan’s line-up. This platform’s use of multi-manager, non-proprietary CITs provides the services that employees, employers and our industry need.

About Financial Fitness for Life
Financial Fitness for Life provides embedded services including robust participant education, unbiased underlying investments and plan health analytics as well as an ERISA 3(38) offering designed to provide plan sponsors with fiduciary protection.

Advisory services offered through Fiduciary Investment Trusts, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Fiduciary Investment Trusts, LLC: 6201 College Blvd., 7th Floor, Overland Park, KS 66211. Fiduciary Investment Trusts, LLC doing business as Financial Fitness for Life. Financial Fitness for Life and Questis are not affiliated.


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