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Good financial health and wellness has a lot to do with establishing and reinforcing good habits and identifying and breaking bad ones. In order to understand a person’s financial situation and their corresponding habits, we need to let them tell their story. In an effort to incorporate this concept into our comprehensive financial wellness solution, Financial Fitness for Life has added a new technology platform – Financial Independence Technology (FIT). At its core, this wellness platform is designed to inspire and motivate a person to live a healthier financial life by creating a highly personalized and interactive education experience.

Many technology solutions use more of a one-size-fits all approach. Often times, the content is very prescriptive and does not does take into account a person’s individual financial IQ, habits, or mindset. It makes too many assumptions about a person before ever even engaging with them. This lack of personalization often times leads to a lack of sustained engagement and long-term adoption of that particular technology. It can also leave a person feeling discouraged because their individual needs are not being met.

Your Financial Health

Each person has their own unique financial wellness journey. Our Financial Independence Technology starts by having a person complete an online financial assessment where they tell us about that journey. We use an interactive chat interface that creates a two-way conversation between us and them. Not only does this first step help us to provide a more personalized and efficient education experience, it empowers that person to know that they are focusing on what matters to them. No time is lost or wasted on unrelated topics.

A personalized financial health roadmap will be created for that person. From this point on, any guidance or recommendations will be specific to that person’s financial situation. Whether it’s a specific goal that they have set for themselves or a habit that they are looking to change, the platform will walk them through the process step by step. Each and every interaction will help to build their financial health profile and ensure that future recommendations and guidance remain relevant.

Your Employer’s Financial Health

This approach to financial wellness technology can provide a lot of value to an employer as well. Employers want to help their employees to cope with financial stress but it can be very difficult to pinpoint exactly how to do this. While an employer might think that they know what’s going on with their employees, often times those assumptions fall short of their actual needs.

FF4L’s FIT will be able to give an employer a unique perspective on the overall financial health of its employees. We provide aggregate reports that take a deeper dive into the progress and performance of all employees as they use our platform. If that employer has a very specific wellness initiative, we can highlight those topics and even measure competency in those areas through different surveys and challenges. For example, let’s say that an employer wants to encourage its employees to save for retirement. We would highlight a specific education module where we talk about 401(k)s. We can also create a series of survey questions to see why they might not be saving for retirement. This is a win for both employer and employee.

Financial stress affects almost half of the U.S. population and impacts employees more than job, health and relationship stress combined. Employees and employers are more in need of personalized wellness solutions than ever before. We are very excited about our Financial Independence Technology and the impact that it is already making in people’s lives!

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